Download the Taneja Group Technology Validation of Tintri VMstore

Read the independent evaluation of Tintri VMstore and why Taneja Group thinks it's so unique

Taneja Group recently completed a technology validation of Tintri VMstore based on real-world scenarios ranging from provisioning to ongoing administration to troubleshooting. The results of their testing are captured in this Tech Validation Report. And they are nothing short of amazing.

The report captures findings such as a 60X reduction in time required to manage Tintri versus traditional storage. That is the equivalent of an IT admin spending less than 20 hours a year managing Tintri versus spending close to 1,000 hours with traditional storage (in this case VNX) for midsized enterprise deployments.

The report includes:

  • The management challenge inherent to storage for virtualization
  • The testing environment and methodology
  • Step-by-step evaluation of deployment, configuration and operation
  • The Taneja Group opinion

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