Tintri VMstore Overview

VM-Aware Storage for the Software-Defined Datacenter

Tintri VMstore allows you to overcome the complexity, performance and cost obstacles that prevent virtualization of more of your computing infrastructure. Learn how enhanced VM-aware storage features and a dual-controller system enable even broader virtualization deployments and dramatically simplify performance troubleshooting. Tintri’s simple, cost-effective storage appliance meets the performance demands of hundreds of VMs with:
  • vmstore-overview-whitepaper-tn.pngPredictable VM performance. The Tintri file system delivers performance for each VM out of Flash, without manual configuration or VM placement.
  • Lowest cost per VM. Inline deduplication and data compression makes flash highly efficient and cost-effective.
  • Instant performance bottleneck visualization. Real-time VM and vDisk-level insight on IO, throughput, end-to-end latency and other key metrics enables rapid VDI performance diagnosis.

Tintri VMstore overcomes the limits of traditional storage. IT can easily support hundreds of desktop VMs on a single 3U appliance, with easy scalability to thousands of desktops.

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